Tea Time Charm - Thoughts from a 13 year old girl

Tea Time…what does it bring to mind? I think of little girls dressed up in hats and gloves, sipping tea out of white porcelain teacups with roses painted on them. But Tea Time doesn't have to be just for little girls; older girls enjoy it too.

For me, Tea Time is the perfect opportunity to be a "young lady". It is the time when good manners and proper posture are at their peak. What girl doesn't love to put on a pretty dress, curl her hair, and play at being a "lady"? Sadly, girls these days are usually too caught up in cell phones and goofing off to appreciate the value of having tea. Tea Time offers a welcome rest from the hectic rush of the day. Even if you don't "dress up" for it, Tea Time gives a sense of femininity and grace; there is a certain old fashioned charm about pouring out tea, and asking your companions if they take cream or sugar?

Tea Time need not always be a "tea party"; it can be informal, or very elegant. Invite your closest friends, or just share a cup of tea with your mother. When girls grow older, too often they shut out their parents, and do what "they want". What a mistake! Having Tea Time with your mother is such a lovely way to keep acquainted, so to speak. Somehow, it seems easier to talk to your mom over a cup of tea.

Don't think that just because you are older than 10 you are too old to have Tea Time; I'm 13 and I love it! I have a tea

party for my birthday every year. It's so fun!

So, two sugar cubes or none…either way, it's Tea Time, young ladies!

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