Princess Party Decorations

Begin making your party decorations early too so you're not rushing at the last minute. Buy plastic champagne flutes or wine glasses and hot glue inexpensive jewel pieces to them for the royal goblets. Do the same with clear plastic plates with the jewels along the outside ridge. Tie the napkins with purple organdy ribbon and you're set. Inexpensive and fun!

Balloons are a must at any birthday party and your princess party should be no exception. Tape balloons around your entrance door for a royal archway. Have a bunch of helium balloons tied to the mailbox to show your guest the way to the ball. Even silver, white and gold colored balloons all over the "dance floor" creates a wonderful effect.

Obviously if you have very young ones you want to be careful with balloons, but kids love get lots! These days a small helium tank is pretty inexpensive to get at your local craft store and makes it much easier the day of the party.

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