Benefits to Having Tea Time

One Girl's Party and the Benefits to Having Tea Time

I can remember my birthday tea last year. Five girls attended, plus my sister and myself. (I may add that this party was on a Tuesday!) We set up a table in our sunroom and put out the dainties of our high tea. Also we made name cards for each girl, which we put on their plate. About all of the girls came at the same time and we amused ourselves by chatting and trying to be proper until Tea Time. My Father dressed in a suit and played "waiter". He pulled our chairs out for us and poured our tea. I had a bell next to me so if I needed him I need only ring the bell and he would come right in! All of us girls would giggle when he came!

Of course, a tea party is not complete without some fun. (Not that Tea Time in itself isn't fun!) At my party, we did a line dance called The Virginia Reel. Up and down the line, around the group - it was such fun! It's one party I'll never forget.

But what are the benefits to having tea, you may ask? Well, it makes us calm down from the bustling world around us, the manners that usually don't come out at regular meals suddenly appear, pleasant conversation is demonstrated, and the rolls of femininity take part. Let us look at them more closely.

When you sip tea with soothing classical music in the background, does it not make you fell peaceful? It makes me calm down and turns my attention to the comforts of home.

My manners always seem to be very distinct at Tea Time. Napkin in my lap, back strait, elbows off the table, etc.

Do your manners come out at Tea Time? I expect they do.

At Tea Time, do you talk of troubles and complaints? I should say not! Proper conversation on pleasant things is usually the type of talk that is demonstrated at Tea Time. Girls learn how to start a conversation on good things.

Femininity is one of the best parts of Tea Time. Who wants to be a tomboy at Tea Time? Nobody that I know! Whether it be the curls of their hair, the long pink dress, the lace gloves, they become feminine! Mostly it is displayed in their actions. The grace of their movements and even the way they eat. It is very feminine.

So, have a Tuesday Tea party, enjoy the benefits and have a great time!

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