Princess Party Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor Party Decorations
Creating A Royal Theme Is Key!

Decorations for your princess party can range from simple to elaborate depending on your budget and the amount of time and energy you want to spend.  If your plans are to hold your party at location other than your own home, make sure you clear the decorations with the owner/manager before purchasing.

The Official Coronation of the Princesses:

 As soon as your guests arrive you’ll want to let them know this really is a party fit for royalty and here’s a great way to start the party off on the right foot.

Roll out a royal red or purple carpet (a towel, sheet or blanket will do) and have each guest walk down to meet the princess of honor who is seated on her royal throne. 

As every royal family knows, there are only three ways one can become a princess.  You can be born into a royal family or you can marry a prince.  

The third way is to be officially crowned by another princess.  Have the princess place a crown on each guests’ head and pronounce her an official princess.  Be sure you have seats on either side of the princess for her guests to be seated once pronounced the newest member of the royal court.

Balloons for all Budgets:

Make it obvious to your guests where the party is happening.  

A balloon bouquet of helium balloons tied to the mailbox is an inexpensive and simple way to ensure that your guests will arrive at the right home.  If you want to be more elaborate, leave several balloon bouquets along the sides of your driveway as well.  This works well if you have a long driveway or your royal ball is at night too to help lead the way for guests.  

Lighting is essential should your party be at night time.  An easy way to light the path is with a strand or two of white Christmas lights wrapped around the base of the balloons.  Just be sure to use string long enough so your balloons are high enough up that they aren’t touching the lights. 

Make your balloon bouquets by tying a dozen helium filled balloons together.  Next attach them to a weighted base, such as a small container filled with sand or small rocks covered in colorful cellophane.  

To create an inviting and exciting entrance, tape air filled balloons to the sides and top of your door to create a beautiful archway fit for a princess. 


Make a beautiful "Welcome to the Ball" doorway banner using butcher paper and markers.  Tape it from the bottom left corner to the top right corner (in fashion of a sash) on your door to welcome your royal guests.

Outdoor Lighting

To create a magical and sparkling appearance, weave white Christmas tree lights in all your trees and all around your yard.  If it’s a nighttime party or a sleepover, this can be quite delightful to watch all the princesses walk around in their different colored princess dresses.  If you’re lucky enough to have a clear night, stars will add even more of a magical atmosphere.

Garland and Tinsel

If you have a street lamp outside your home, decorate it with garland. You can also decorate your mailbox, trees, and porch pillars or rails with tinsel as well. 

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