Princess Party Invitation Ideas

Your First Impression

You'll want to send out your princess party invitations at least 3 weeks before the date of the party if possible.  (Two weeks out at the very latest.)  As you know, schedules, especially with families of little ones, fill quickly and you’ll want to ensure your event gets top billing on the guests’ calendars.

Your invitations should inform your guests of the basics:  Who, what, when, where, how long and theme.

What:  A Princess Birthday Party for Princess Jane Smith

When:  Saturday, April 15, 2007 from 2:00-5:00 p.m.


Princess Jane's Castle
1212 Your Street
Your Town, ST  00000

RSVP to:          (555) 555 – 5555
(insert date that will give you plenty of time to plan according to the number of guests plus a few extras) 

Theme:  Please wear your finest princess attire! No dress is too formal.

Online Invitations

Another fun way to invite guests to your royal gala is via e-invitations.  This especially works well for those guests whose mailing address you may not have.  

Visit places like  HYPERLINK  and  HYPERLINK for more details on this.  

Although these would be the least expensive of all, be cautious about using email invitations exclusively to invite your guests.  Not everyone opens email from services such as these and some email programs may automatically filter them and some of the recipients may never receive theirs.  

Penny Pincher Invitations

By far the least expensive invitation, next to e-vites, is the one that's homemade on your computer.  

Take advantage of the free clip art available online or, better yet let your princess draw a beautiful work of art for the cover.  Then in your word processing program, just type out the basic information and print.  Scan in your daughter's drawing and then copy that onto the front of the invitation and you're good to go.  

Hand deliver the invitations for a nice touch and to keep costs down as well.

Budget Conscious Invitations

Want to fancy things up a bit with your invitations?  

You can take the handmade invitations to the next level by including some rubber-stamping, stickers and other embellishments.  The key with your invitations is to create feminine, princess-like and readable invitations that say royalty and fun! 


Take an extra step and print your invitations on linen stationary paper using a scroll font, such as Monotype Corsiva or Calligrapher, to make them even fancier.  Roll the invitations into a scroll and tie with colorful ribbon for hand delivering.  

You can also find some adorable, reasonably priced princess invitations at most craft stores and card shops.  If you purchase those, you’ll only need to roll them up like a scroll and add pretty ribbon.

Going All Out Invitations

Order gorgeous handmade princess invitations made with fancy vellum overlays, embellishments and more.  You can find these at some party or craft stores, or visit your local print shop for personalized invitations made with linen cardstock and calligraphy.   

Here is a sample invitation: 

Sample Invitation Text:

Come one; come all to a party held in honor of Princess (first name) at the Kingdom of (last name). 

The honor of your presence is requested (date and time) at (location).

* Please call King (Dad) or Queen (Mom) at (phone number) to R.S.V.P. your attendance at this royal event.

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