Princess Party Favors

Send Guests Home with a Royal Gift of Thanks!

I'm not quite sure how the tradition of goodie bags got started, but I, for one, am not extremely impressed with the concept as it’s most times used.  Too often my girls have come home with a little plastic baggie of goodies that seem fun for a few moments, but almost always end up in the garbage not long after.  

It’s so sad that the birthday mom spent much of her time and money for something that really didn't hold value for the receiver, but it doesn’t have to be that way!  Here are some creative ideas for your princess to offer a parting gift that's both unique and useful for all of your royal attendees.

Penny Pincher Favor Idea:

Have the kids make their own favors!  CLICK HERE for some fun Princess Party Craft Ideas!

Budget Conscious Favor Idea:

Make tulle bags with ribbon ties that compliment the rest of the party decorations to hold the goodies.  Include a sparkly bracelet, necklace and other inexpensive jewelry along with any other pretty goodies you can think of. 

**TIP:  Try to steer clear of the typical plastic goodies. Remember you're treating your guests royally and these types of gifts tend to break or get lost rather quickly.

To Make Your Tulle Bags:

Simply cut a 12x12 square of Tulle and place the trinkets in the center. 
Bring the ends together and tie a purple ribbon around to secure.

Attach a tag to each bag with “Princess (guest’s first name)” written on it.

**TIP: Visit your local Dollar Tree for princess books, stickers and other party favors for $1 each.

Going All Out Favor Idea: 

Although more expensive favor idea this one is actually the easiest of all.  Purchase a tiara for each party guest along with a necklace and bracelet.  ALL girls (even old ones like me!) love tiaras and you can bet that this will be a gift that will not be thrown out in the garbage.  

Find some fun Princess Party Tiaras

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