Princess Party Entertainment

Keeping Your Princess Pleased

Many parents find that they really want to go all out and hire some outside entertainment for their princess party.  This is a great option because it's easy, fun and keeps the kids busy for a nice part of the party.

Depending on the entertainer, you'll want to make sure you secure the booking with them about 30 days before the party, particularly if your princess party is planned for a weekend.

Here are some ideas for entertainers and what you can expect as far as approximate costs.  Remember that each entertainer is different and some may be priced higher than listed here so just use these amounts as a guide to see if a particular entertainer will fall within your budget.


There is something magical about being a princess and that's why hiring a magician to entertain the girls would be a natural fit.  Most magicians will perform for approximately 45-50 minutes and range anywhere from $150-$500 per performance.


Although a bit out of our theme, you can work with your local clowns to keep the entertainment within the princess setting.  Clowns will usually involve all the children in their act and will do some types of tricks, balloon animals or face painting or dancing with the children.  

Most clowns will perform at private parties for around 30-60 minutes and charge anywhere from $100-$200 per hour for their services.

Or have dad dress up as a clown in one of these Great Clown Costumes!

Face Painters  

If you're not prepared to hire a clown, you can hire some local teenagers to do face painting with the girls as part of their princess experience. 

There are some great resources available for you to do it yourself as well.  

The one we recommend is Easy Face Painting

Stuffed Animal Party Entertainer  

Our favorite choice for any princess party is a stuff it yourself princess teddy bear activity where all the princesses can make their own bear and then dress it in a beautiful fairy princess outfit. 

Local representatives can come and do the party for you (that way you get the entertainer and the take home bag all for one price!), or you can order a party in a box to-go kit and do it yourself.  

Party kits come with a bear (or other animal), princess outfit, birth certificate, stuffing and instructions on how to make this a memorable addition to your fabulous princess party.

Party packages are available to accommodate different budgets usually starting at about $15 per child.

Your party in a box arrives complete with everything you need to make your very own stuffed animal, including: 

Un-stuffed cuddly friend of choice 

Rainbow wish star 

Customizable birth certificate 


Stuffing directions 

Reusable colorful animal carrier 

Personalized greeting card 

All you need to do is choose the animal, outfit and accessories.  The items will ship directly to you.

**TIP:  Bringing home a teddy bear in a princess outfit is better than any goodie-bag I’ve ever seen!

Just visit Noah's Ark Workshop to order your princess party kits today!

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