Princess Party Indoor Decorations

Indoor Party Decorations
Bringing the Magic Indoors

If you're having your princess party in your own home, the sky is the limit as to what you can do.  Indoor decorations give you a chance to really make the party shine!  Use plenty of balloons, but add other props and decor to create the fun atmosphere of a ball or royal court as well.  

A Royal Throne

Drape a large, high backed, armed chair with shiny fabric to compliment the color scheme of the party.  Add a helium filled balloon bouquet to the back of the chair and some streamers down the arms.  

Use this throne as your photo studio and take a picture of each guest with the princess of honor for a great take home keepsake.  Be sure to take 2 photos of each so that your princess has one as well.

The Royal Dance Floor

If you have the room, fill the entire floor with air filled balloons of gold, silver, pink and purple.  Young princesses love to dance and watch the balloons fly all around as they spin.  This is such a simple, inexpensive, yet wonderful treat for your guests.


Start simply with a white bed sheet as your base tablecloth.  

Next, drape silk or plastic flowers along the center of the table like a runner or use varied colored streamers twisted together and run lengthwise across the table.  

Put another balloon bouquet in the center to tie it all together and you're done!  Beautiful, inexpensive and fun!

The Table

Another very simple way to decorate your table is to spread silver or gold confetti all over the table. You can buy confetti at craft or dollar stores, or use a hole punch and colored paper to make your own.


You can purchase strands of white Christmas tree lights to really create the air of a royal ballroom.  Add strands of these lights to the tops of your curtain rods, around your windows and even along your table runner.  Simply elegant!

Make a Castle

This project is a wonderful decoration and a great activity for you and your little princess as well.  Find several boxes of various sizes (including at least one large appliance box). Using a hot glue gun, glue the boxes together to make a large castle.  Cut openings for windows and doors. 

Provide your princess with many colors of paints, markers, and crayons (pinks, lavender, and white for starters) for painting and decorating the outside (and inside) of her castle. Provide lots of sequins, ribbons, tinsel and glitter to add even more decor.  Also, offer fabric or construction paper for banners and tapestries on the walls. All castles need banners. 

Let her go wild decorating her very own castle.  The great thing about the castle, is that it can be used indoors or outdoors, weather permitting. 

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