Princess Party Crafts



Girls and Crafts Go Together Like
Cinderella and the Glass Slipper


Most girls think crafts are wonderful and for good reason!  They ARE!  Depending on the amount of time you've allotted for your party, you may want to include a craft or two to keep little hands busy and happy during the party.

Keep in mind some crafts take supervision from adults.  Think through the entire craft and decide if you might want to ask a few of the parents in attendance to help with this part of the party.  You can also hire a couple of local teenagers to come and assist.  This will allow all the girls and parents to really kick back and have some fun!

Keep the ages of the girls and their attention span in mind as well.  Little ones won't have much tolerance for long involved crafts so something quick and easy would be best for any children six years and under.

A few tips before we jump into the actual crafts:

1.  No matter what the craft, always cover your craft table with an inexpensive plastic table cloth to save your table!  Inevitably something spills or moves and you don't want anything to mar your table, even if it is a spare one from the basement.

2.  Use paper plates and Styrofoam cups to give the children small portions of the craft items like glue, beads, etc.  This is so much easier than trying to always reach for items across the table.

3.  Have aprons or old adult t-shirts available for the princesses to put over their clothing for protection, even if all they're doing is coloring with markers.  Their parents will thank you when you send them home with their clothing un-stained.

4.  Have baby wipes handy for quick clean ups.

5.  If you're working with glitter, it WILL end up on everything.  Glitter is easier to vacuum than sweep so if you can, work over the carpet for a glitter project or put something on the floor before you begin. This will make clean up easier.

Now on to the fun stuff! Click on any of the links on the upper left and they'll take you to the various craft ideas.

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