General Tips for A Great Princess Party

Well, the big day is just around the corner and now you want to make it  as memorable as possible for your little princess, right? Well, no fear, parents because here are some easy tips for throwing the finest  princess ball in the neighborhood! And it won't break the bank either!

Try these tips:

 Plan in advance. The party of the year will not happen overnight, but it doesn't have to take the whole year either. Start thinking through some of the logistics of your party. What day will work so that most of your guests will be able to attend? What time of the day is best? Remember, with young ones that nap times may still be an  issue so it's best to plan the party for a time when you know the kids won't be overtired because of a missed nap.

If you plan on having "outside entertainment" now would be a good time to secure that as well. Some great ideas for a princess party entertainer would be a storyteller, a magician or a balloon artist.

Don't forget to get extra batteries for your camera! The little princesses will be so adorable and you'll want to snap lots of photos. Take a separate photo of each of the party guests with the princess of honor and send a copy to that guest with your thank you note after the party.

Relax and have fun. Don't overdo. Most kids just love to play and have fun. Organized games are great but don't make the party so structured that the kids don't have time to just interact with each other, spin around in their costumes or dance in the balloons.

Crowns, jewels, frilly lace and puffy sleeves. Your girls love dress-up and adore being the princess. It's the unlimited dream party for every little girl and fun for every day, too!


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